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10 Sincere Reasons My Friends And I Would Like To Stay At Your Vacation Rental

I spent the last few weeks exploring the East and West coasts of the United States, mixing business with pleasure and basically eating too much. Along with my three best friends from childhood below (who

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Makeover Session 3.0: Want To Stand Out? Send A Newsletter

We all want to stand out from a crowd. And while the mobula rays (above) have their own way to do that, our Inner Circle community focuses on three main things: Attraction (how to stand out and generate

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Cave Hill Cabins Transformation

The Accidental Vacation Rentalist: A Dying Breed?

Have you ever wondered why so many owners or managers accidentally fell into the vacation rental business without any kind of plan or formal training? In stark contrast to medicine or law or the world

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Content Marketing Workflow for Vacation Rentals

Here is the audacious “Content Marketing” strategy that explains why you read my work

A member of our Inner Circle has been offering her San Diego vacation rental to guests now for just about 25 years (!!!). When she first started, she made some cute little flyers so that everyone in the

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Why Are Vacation Rentals Going “Evergreen”?

Vacation rental owners and managers – not unlike most small business owners – have limited resources. Which means that every ounce of energy you put towards your marketing (let’s say answering a

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Makeover Session 2.8: Holly & Alanna’s Progress Reports

Below I’m sharing feedback from both Holly and Alanna on their progress in this, the first 3 months of their vacation rental website makeoves since our big reveals. I’ve also shared a glimpse

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Email Marketing Course Cliffs Notes: The Best Way To Increase Repeat Guests

Very few owners or managers are nurturing relationships with their former guests. And that’s secretly good news! Because it means that you’re sitting on an untapped goldmine. Implement even

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Yosemite Vacation Rental

Makeover Session 2.7: The Best Blogging Formula Ever

Once you have built a website, blogging (or the act of publishing short informational posts in chronological order) is one of the biggest ongoing maintenance “costs” necessary for success. One

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“Nothing Stops A Bullet Like A Job”

Last night was the 1-year anniversary of Fortaleza Tours: Fried Fish and Mojitos, a company that emerged from our gang intervention and reintegration program Esperanza (“Hope”) here in the

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Makeover Session 2.6: How To Get Your Website Ranking In Organic Google Searches

It’s the dream of owners like Holly and Alanna to put themselves in the shoes of potential guests, to search Google for vacation rental options in the area – using phrases such as “Yosemite vacation

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Matt Landau

A Theory Of Change

“If This Isn’t Working, Let’s Fix It.” I’ve received a lot of questions of late regarding my end game or “master plan” in the vacation rental industry, so I wanted to take advantage

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Alert: This Is Precisely Why I Never Trusted Google+…

Google just announced that it would be all but officially shutting down it’s highly touted Google+ by splitting it up into two different entities: Photos & Streams. “Google Plus was always

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