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These Before And After Pics Will Make You Kvell

So, Jan Stevens owns Lazy Bowen Hideaway, a vacation rental perched above the water in Vancouver, British Columbia. She proudly took the following photo herself: She then got Vancouver-based Debra Stringfellow to take professional photos and received (among other photos in the set) this: Jan told Debra she wanted the photos to depict what the […]

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Are You Really Trying All That Hard?

When owners or managers say, “I want more bookings,” I request they walk me through their existing marketing efforts. Not just the activities. The effort with which each is being applied. Sometimes: “I’m paralyzed with fear. Don’t know where to start.” Other times: “I try your recommendations here and there…when I have time.” Only very […]

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Would You Rent To This Man? A Cost-Benefit Analysis Of The Corporate Rentals Market

Whenever I mention the phrase “corporate rentals” to a vacation rental owner or manager, they typically wonder: a) How do people search for corporate rentals? b) Does my city/town have any demand for corporate rentals? c) What’s the ROI when investing in corporate renter marketing? d) Are corporations even consider using vacation rentals (instead of […]

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What’s Your Plan If HomeAway Disappears Tomorrow?

This is a healthy and constructive way to consider your vacation rental marketing. And of course, the devil’s advocate scenario represents more than just HomeAway or VRBO. It represents all the third parties that you may rely on to generate inquiries. When you look at the sustainability of your business through this lens, you accept […]

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