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I Just Individually Consulted 500 Vacation Rental Owners And Here Are Some Surprising Discoveries

Because the vacation rental industry is so new and its potential so huge, I tend to spend my research hours doing activities that might otherwise be considered an inefficient or crazy use of one's

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The VR Industry’s First Fully Automated Marketing Tool Is Here And It’s Smaller Than A Paperback Book

When I first started my vacation rental business in 2006, I dreamed of a tool that would do all my marketing for me. So with the help of several investors, I secretly began building it. After 10 long

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Hands Down, The Best Way To Respond To A Negative Vacation Rental Review

One of the inherent challenges to vacation rental success is that you become vulnerable to numbers: the more guests you host, the more potential there is for a negative review.There is no successful or

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Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals: Room For All?

I was having dinner with Inner Circle member Jane Moore at the Four Seasons Papagayo, Costa Rica, which arguably represents the finest hotel in what many consider the most sustainable tourism destination

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How To Sidestep The Annoying Trend Of Vacation Rental Commoditization

"You're special, and don't ever forget that!" It's the classic line every kid hears from their parents when life deals some adversity.But when my mom said it to me on the heels of a life-changing medical

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4 Warning Signs That You’re In A Dependent Relationship With Listing Sites

When I turned 10 years old, my mom and dad gave me Disney stock for my birthday. And with it came a simple lesson in investing: 100 minus your age is the ratio of your portfolio to focus on stocks.

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Take These Precautionary Measures For Your Vacation Rental Listing In 2016

My mom always taught me it was good to have backup plans. So to get your listing site non-dependence initiatives in 2016 off to a good start, I wanted to share with you three tactics that members of our

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My 3 Words For 2016

Many years ago, a mentor turned me on to a New Year's exercise that changed the way I write resolutions. The idea is to choose three (and only three) words that define your goals for the coming

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What Is Dynamic Pricing And Is It Right For You?

As the vacation rental tide rises, more and more ships are rising with it. And one common characteristic of the most successful vacation rental professionals is to be fully aware of this emerging landscape

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7 Steps To Creating VR Ad Content That’s Snags A Traveler’s Attention

Every now and then you come across a vacation rental owner or manager doing a brilliant piece of independent marketing (see 3 Crafty Vacation Rental Marketers) and you say to yourself one of two things:(1)

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The Least Enjoyable Thing About Vacation Rental Marketing

As vacation rental hosts we kinda play the role of "travel guru" to our guests, helping them access the best vacation experiences in a short period of time."Take this tour, not that one." "Visit this beach,

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Expedia Buying HomeAway Should Inspire (Not Frustrate) You

As I watched the sunrise this morning in Pedasi, Panama, I read that HomeAway was sold to Expedia, the gigantic travel booking engine, for an incredible $3.9 billion. This acquisition is game-changing

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