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What’s Your Plan If HomeAway Disappears Tomorrow?

This is a healthy and constructive way to consider your vacation rental marketing. And of course, the devil’s advocate scenario represents more than just HomeAway or VRBO. It represents all the third parties that you may rely on to generate inquiries. When you look at the sustainability of your business through this lens, you accept […]

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Announcing My New Partnership (And Perhaps The Industry’s Most Untapped Niche)

One of the widest information voids in the vacation rental space revolves around the booking behavior of travelers… How do they search? What do they look for? Why do they choose Vacation Rental A over seemingly identical Vacation Rental B? With a new generation of technology and travelers, learning how people search, for both newcomers […]

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Vacation Rental Guests Should All Eat…HERE!

This quick tip adds value to your guests’ stay and pretty much makes you look like a food genius. As vacation rental owners and managers, providing guests with insider experiences can mean all kinds of different things: > Leaving VIP passes to the aquarium on the kitchen counter > Alerting guests of a little known […]

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My Flawed HomeAway Speech: Rewritten

So last year I gave a talk at the HomeAway Summit in Scottsdale that, in looking back, was a little bit ahead of its time. I don’t mean that in an egotistical sort of way. Like “Oh, I’m so smart my topic was too sophisticated for anyone else.” Rather, it was ahead of its time […]

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