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7 Reasons To Fear The Property Manager?

Organic farmers in rural Guatemala have been on a roller coaster ride for the last 15 years. They started off below poverty levels. But when the organic food craze began to take hold, the farmers began successfully selling their organic produce to supermarket chains around the world. Pretty much every farmer that cultivated organic fruits […]

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What To Do When A Guest Says “Yes”

This post is all about managing the expectations curve of vacation rental guests, because most owners focus on marketing before (NOT after) the booking. Reading time: approx. 3 minutes About two years ago, I took my girlfriend to a secret new upscale beach hotel for her birthday. The price per night of this exclusive hotel […]

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The ONLY Way To Find Out PRECISELY What Vacation Rental Guests REALLY Want

If you have ever dreamed of having x-ray vision into your potential guest’s thought process, this post is for you. Below I share the process that I use to: > Find precisely what travelers are looking for in a rental in my destination > Learn the exact terminology they use when describing my rental > […]

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Calling All Facebook Users

So I have to admit… I’ve fallen for one particular owner’s Facebook marketing. So much so that I booked a visit to his property and I’m right now sitting on the deck of an oceanfront terrace writing this post. ### Now, if you follow my work regularly you know that I rarely discuss Facebook. That […]

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Getting Started with Vacation Rentals: Part 1

The following post is part of a FREE series on how to get started in the vacation rental industry by “The VR Start-Up Guy,” Joel Rasmussen. If you are considering entering the business OR thinking about expanding to multiple properties, Joel is the only one in the world addressing this niche in a digestible way. […]

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Vacation Rental Marketing Makeover Session 1.4: Amateur vs. Professional Photos

If you haven’t heard, I am working to totally makeover one lucky vacation rental owner’s marketing portfolio live (and step-by-step) for my subscribers to follow. You can read all the prior posts here. What is the most impactful thing that ANY vacation rental owner or manager can do to increase their bookings? Get professional photos. […]

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Information Sells!!! 20 Booking-Boosting Articles EVERY Owner Must Have On Their Desktop

Do you wish you owned a portfolio of hand-written articles that were so perfectly targeted and thoughtful and authoritative that their mere presence actually helped convert inquiries into bookings? If done properly, you could post them on your blog (if you don’t have a blog, create one in under 5 minutes)… You could use them […]

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“Ask Matt Anything” Question & Answer Session: Part II

Albert Einstein once said that ______ is the most powerful force in the universe. Can you guess what it is? The answer was compound interest. And today, I am about to show you why compound interest not only saves lives, but also generates vacation rental bookings! Many of you have followed my foundation in Panama, […]

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