Makeover Session 2.6: How To Get Your Website Ranking In Organic Google Searches

It’s the dream of owners like Holly and Alanna to put themselves in the shoes of potential guests, to search Google for vacation rental options in the area – using phrases such as “Yosemite vacation rental” or “Kauai vacation rental” – and have their website appear at the top of the organic results. This is […]

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A Theory Of Change

“If This Isn’t Working, Let’s Fix It.” I’ve received a lot of questions of late regarding my end game or “master plan” in the vacation rental industry, so I wanted to take advantage of my little vacation in Tulum, Mexico to pull back the curtain and share with you  where I believe we’re at (now), […]

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Makeover Session 2.5: A 60-Second Search That Directly Increases Your Annual Profit

“I have a website but it doesn’t generate any inquiries.” If you are thinking this, there are two main things to consider: 1) Is your website optimized for inquiries? Just building a website is the first step. But if you aren’t implementing best practices or actively testing and tweaking, the little web traffic you bring […]

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